Summer Trippin'

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We all love a good sunny bank holiday chilling out in a beer garden but sometimes we just want to hit
the road and go on an adventure. If you’re looking for something a bit different this bank holiday
weekend, why not take a Road Trip to Donegal. We know 3 hours on the road could get boring fast,
so lets make the most out of it. Get the tunes ready and fill up the tank, we’ll let you know the must see
stops to make along the way. Take the N4 to Sligo and then switch to the N15 to Bundoran, Donegal.

Detour! Exit the N4 at Mullingar and then take the N52 South till you get to Lough Ennell. Wow - Time to get the
selfie sticks out this is one scenic and serene location. So peaceful and tranquil, we think it’s time to get out and
stretch the legs. This place is packed with things to do so grab a boat ride or stop off at the adventure centre for
abseiling, but remember we’ve still got some driving to do.

Back on track and heading down the N15 – let’s not beat about the bush this is one incredible drive.
Pull over and get the walking shoes on, you've been cooped up in the car far too long. Hidden streams, incredible
mountain views and some abandoned beauts, we hope you remembered to pack a snack ‘cause this is one sweet spot!


Finally you can relax on the beach with a beer! You’ve made it to the Bundoran August Bank Holiday Surf and Stay. Wake
up early to catch some waves, when you’re all dried off enjoy a BBQ Saturday night and share some stories around a fire
on the beach! So pack your bags, book your places and start the half five Friday countdown, it’s going to be one wild weekend!

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, order before 8.15pm tonight and you’ll get it tomorrow, just in time for you to look like a
rock star all weekend long!


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